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The Power of Presence – What Makes You Notice Others?


Courtesy of Thursday Boot Co. and The Refined Gent

When you are walking down the street in a city or small downtown area what makes you notice others? I don’t mean noticing them because they are doing something outlandish. I mean noticing them because they are so “perfectly who they are”, and it catches your eye. What is it about those people? The way someone looks? Their physical features? The way they act? The way they are dressed? I would argue that if you do notice someone, it’s a combination of all of these that work together.

As a business traveler I walk the streets of many cities. There is something inspiring about watching what happens around you when putting one foot in front of the other on the cement blocks of an urban landscape. The noise, the scents, the chaos, the people. There is a general buzz, a hum that enters the process, as the city passes you by. Nothing is ever the same on any given day. Except one thing. The way that people notice each other. It’s a fascinating peek into human nature. Simply put, when there are that many people around you, you are going to take notice of some of them, and you will take notice of those that stand out. Those with presence.

who has presence

Presence in any situation is powerful, and often created verbally. Those who speak, emote….demonstrate strong presence, in a presentation, a meeting, on stage, with family, with friends, with colleagues. They have an impact on others. But the first thing people will notice, is how you look, how you have chosen to present yourself visually. For the lucky, this can simply be because they fit the definition of what others find as pretty, beautiful, cute, handsome or …hot. For the eccentric it could be a visual manifestation of your quirkiness; reference the recent woman in San Francisco who wears a frog suit to work. For most it’s how we dress. Clothes are our human Pinterest board. What we choose to wear is a major factor in our presence and how the world sees us.

The beauty of this process is that the answer is not the same for everyone.   Developing your own personal style is an element of building that presence, where confidence in what you are wearing is the key element.   The confidence you exude when you love what you are wearing will show, and others will notice. I recently added a fitted spring jacket to my daily wardrobe, with a high collar that frames my face, and made the choice that my brown Thursday boots were a compliment to my casual suiting. I felt good about the way I looked and walked to work with confidence in my step. I had presence, and people noticed. A swift glance by many other chaps on their way to work, doing a quick glance up at the jacket with a swift bat at the boots.   The women walking by cracking a smile as she passed, the gym rats, the shop owners, the local senior citizen with her groceries, peering to get a that one second glance at how I was dressed. It was a good day that day.

Attention from others is not the success metric here. It’s what can happen once you are noticed. When you can create that kind of presence, you can do amazing things…have influence, effect change, make a difference. Live large. So when you get dressed tomorrow, have a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are demonstrating presence. If not, make a tweak you feel good about and take on the day with confidence. You’ll be amazed at what happens.

Click the link below to take our one question survey and let us know how you define presence.  We will post the results on our facebook page on Sunday May 17th.   SILVERFLY FB

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It’s Easy to Get Happy with Happy Socks

happy socks collage for blog

It’s easy to get “Happy” by adding a small splash of color to your style without going overboard.  Happy Socks and other brands have made their splash in men’s fashion and the trend is still strong.  Enjoy it.  Why not add some rainbow colors to your khaki or grey pants?  Why not splash some color in with that more conservative business casual look OR add some fire to your night out.  At $12 a pair (plus 40% OFF with Sale)?  It’s the most affordable way to add some “up” to your style.  Try some of these patterns and we guarantee you will get compliments:

  1. Colorful stripes
  2. Leopard
  3. Pink Polka dots
  4. Reverse Giraffe
  5. Anything with Orange

The key is to make sure it’s a pop of color which accentuates what you are wearing ,even if the contrast ads that eye catching touch.  Try it, you will not regret it.  40% Off through August 8th.

Try your pair today, many styles to choose from.


Civic Duty – Conspire to Inspire – Trunk Show April 11th and 12th


Over a year ago when Fidel and I first opened SILVERFLY we were looking for a shoe line that would catch some attention.  A call from a family member in NY quickly solved our problem.  We were introduced to Civic Duty shoes, and did not hesitate to make the call and get the product in the store.

Made from Tyvek, the material better known for construction or FedEx envelopes, Civic Duty shoes are unique, colorful, durable, and waterproof.   They are affordable as well, retailing for $54 to $59 dollars. They catch the eye of every new customer who walks into SILVERFLY, and almost everyone wants to buy a pair.   They look great with denim, shorts and yes, even with more formal wear.  SILVERFLY sold a set of the “Consideration” collection to a wedding party for use with their khakis and bowties,  and as you can see…they looked awesome!

For Silverfly

Designer Steven Weinreb, started the company in 2009, after getting the inspiration from a Tyvek shoe bag used to package a travel shoe his company had developed. He felt the material was durable and good to work with it.  A year later Civic Duty was born with 5 core pieces and a series of collection items, adding designer touches.  Hightops, slip-ons, lace-ups and more, the shoes are versatile in every way and completely comfortable.  SILVERFLY has had huge success with the brand and continues to carry a wide selection.  Check them out at   I have three pairs and wear them all the time.

image (1)

We love Civic Duty so much, we have invited Steven to come to Charlotte and do a trunk show at SILVERFLY on April 11th and 12th.  We are extremely excited to host Steven and look forward to the event.  Be on the lookout for more details in the coming weeks.  Ladies, all is not lost,  Civic Duty comes in women’s sizes and Steven will be bringing the women’s collection as well.

Do you have your pair of Civic’s yet?  If not, plan on coming to SILVERFLY on April 11th and 12th, meet the designer and walk out with what will become one of your favorite pair of shoes.

For more information check out their website at


Spring. Style. Made. Simple. vince.

1607124_10151996552283149_608412286_nHow do you look great while keeping it simple? Well if you have met me, you know that I am always raving about one of SILVERFLY’s core brands, Vince (  The draw with this brand is the elegant simplicity of the design, the amazing color selection, and the quality of the pieces in each collection.  Vince gives you the ability to look dressed up, while not actually doing so.  The Spring 2014 collection falls right in line, and we will have it on the floor this week at SILVERFLY.  I trust that many of our customers will find that this collection is the perfect way to balance trend with refinement.  Here are three of my favorite pieces. Swing by or check it out online to get your first pick.  Get to the selection on our new Featured Brand page and tell us what your favorite item is.  Remember loyal BLFY customers get 5% OFF with Promo Code “BFLY”,

The Ribbed Shawl Collar Cardigan $325vn_mens_spring14_look02_medium

100% cotton and full of texture, this piece will up that casual weekend look or put the finishing touches on any night out with denim.  Can’t you hear the compliments you will get for an early spring night out in Uptown?

The Double Lined Hoodie – $150

vince-double-layer-hoodie-r7269Slub cotton makes this hoodie perfectly comfortable, the color combo and cut makes it the perfect fit.  You will look good in this, I don’t even have to ask.  Pair it up with denim, shorts or Chinos, and you have the stylish way to run some errands.  What would you pair it with? What about layering?

Leather Hooded Reversible Jacket – $1095

vn_mens_spring14_look18_mediumThis is my absolute favorite piece. A twist on the classic leather jacket, it’s a great show piece and can be worn with almost anything.  It has a nylon interior and is fully reversible….if you are not in the leather mood.  Dressed up or down, it works.  If you spring for it, let your date touch it…that leather will get a reaction, and you will know it was worth the investment.

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